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Meats, rabbit, quail, lamb, coffee, wine, dogs, horses, pelts, and handicrafts!

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06 April 2015
by Marcia Gagliardi  |  Bacchus Magazine There aren't many of us who can say we dreamed that we wanted to be a cowboy at the age of two, and then
20 January 2015
by Russ Parsons  |  LA Times Name of the restaurant: Working Class Kitchen, and that's exactly what it is, a mix of whole-animal butchery and a menu of mostly sandwiches.
26 August 2014
by Leon Kaye  |  Triple Pundit In case you are unaware, Whole Foods is now selling rabbit meat at a limited number of stores across the United States. As far
31 July 2014
by James Kosalo  |  Global Coffee Report Myriam Kaplan-Pasternak of Haiti Coffee led a group of volunteers to introduce coffee quality management techniques to local producers in Haiti last month.
17 July 2014
by Tiffany Do  |  SF Weekly What are farmers to do if all they want to do is actually farm and not have to deal as much with the ins
08 July 2014
by Anna Roth  |  SF Weekly Even the most cynical in our food culture — say the inventors of Jack in the Box's Exploding Cheesy Chicken Munchie Meal — have
06 July 2014
by John Wiley Spiers  |  How Business Happens If you ever want to visit a ranch run right, that produces good food well, and even teaches others, the Devil's Gulch
09 June 2014
by Liam Mayclem  |  Foodie Chap, CBS SF Bay Area Mark grew up in Southern California but always dreamed of escaping the city and becoming a farmer. In 1971, at
06 October 2013
by Sur La Route Du Patrimoine On our way to San Francisco, we’ve met some active people engaged in the SlowFood movement. Even if we did not have the opportunity
29 May 2013
By Karen Pinchin  |  Modern Farmer By all appearances, rabbit could be the food of the future. Touted for years by food activists including Michael Pollan, these fluffy herbivores eat

Honoring Agricultural Diversification in Marin County



Mark and Devil's Gulch Ranch have been recently featured in a series produced by the University of California Cooperative Extension of Marin County that documents agricultural diversity in Marin.  In the video he provides details on how the ranch came to be and how it grew over the years, complete with photos from his personal archives.

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Devil's Gulch Ranch

A diversified family farm located in Nicasio, Marin County, within California’s North Coast region, produces rabbits, pigs, sheep, premium wine grapes and asparagus for retail customers and direct sales to high-quality restaurants. Sustainable, humane agricultural practices are utilized, organic whenever possible.

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