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Helping Haiti Rebuild a Sustainable Future. 

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With your help Haitian rabbits can go from this.... to living like this.

Rabbits are a great source of high quality protein that can be produced from plant products that are not edible by humans. Raised in cages, they reduce the negative impact of animal farming on the environment and the neighbor’s garden. A cage management system also allows for easy collection of the manure for soil enrichment. The cage system makes rabbits portable which is important when families must relocate or the animals need to be protected from storms, thieves, etc. They can also be raised in the cities. Rabbits are a manageable size for most people to handle. This is important in families where the children are a major labor force and they can be managed by the elderly and infirm. There is minimal disease transmission between rabbits and humans. The short gestation period (30 days) and rapid maturity reduces the wait time. Rabbits also do not require a lot of medication for successful production, keeping the daily costs down. They are small enough to make a family meal without requiring refrigeration or rapid sale of excess meat. Lastly, they are very adaptable, intriguing creatures that if treated with respect can provide an income as well as vital nutrition. Education is the key to successfully introducing rabbits on an entrepreneurial level.

Myriam Kaplan-Pasternak DVM is serving as a Farmer to Farmer volunteer in Haiti to help locals learn how to raise rabbits. These rabbits serve as a source of income and meat for hundreds of families. They are working together to improve the conditions under which the rabbits are kept and to improve their production. Few materials are available in Haiti itself and are beyond the means of most Haitians who earn less than a dollar a day. With your help, a family should be able to generate $50 per month or more in additional income after about 6 months.

Please help us expand the number of people we can help by purchasing a Rabbit Project Gift Card.

Rabbit Project Gift Card
This will deliver a 4 hole rabbit cage, 4 water bottle nipples, 
2 female rabbits, 1 male rabbit, and technical assistance
to a Haitian family recovering from poverty
Thank you ,
DG Educational Services,