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The Kind Cowboy of

Devils Gulch Ranch

By Marcia Gagliardi

There aren't many of us who can say we dreamed that we wanted to be a cowboy at the age of two, and then eded up becoming one. But Mark Pasternak knew that was what he was destined to be, and staying in Los Angeles was not going to fulfill his cowboy dreams.

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Working Class Kitchen: Devils Gulch Ranch lamb, Chianina hamburgers...

by Russ Parsons

Coleman gets  in whole pigs and lambs from Devils Gulch Ranch and quarters of Chianina and Piemontese beef and breaks them down in the back kitchen.


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Whole Foods' Sale of Rabbit Meat is a Big Pet Peeve to Some

by Leon Kaye

News: Furry Thumbs

In case you are unaware, Whole Foods is now selling rabbit meat at a limited number of stores across the United States.  As far as more sustainable meat goes, rabbit is one of the better options (along with lamb)...

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Rabbit: A Great Animal for Small Homesteads

by Robin Mather

News: Rabbit - A Great Animal for Small Homesteads

Whether your homestead is in the city or the country, meat rabbits can help you feed your family with lean, nutritious meat. Rabbits breed and grow so quickly that one pair of healthy does (females) can produce more than 600 pounds of meat in a year.

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Why rabbit is the most sustainable meat for the city farmer

by Adam Starr

News: Why rabbit is the most sustainable meat for the city farmer

By now we all know that eating a lot of meat—especially factory-farmed meat—isn’t very good for the planet. Fortunately for meat eaters, some meats are more sustainable than others.

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Meats, Not Tweets: Tech Companies Like AgLocal Are Building Social...

by Anna Roth

News: Meat, Not Tweets

Even the most cynical in our food culture — say the inventors of Jack in the Box's Exploding Cheesy Chicken Munchie Meal — have to concede that Americans care more about where their ingredients come from now than they did 20 years ago.

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FincaLab supports coffee quality training in Haiti

by James Kosalo

News: Fincalap supports coffee quality training in Haiti

Myriam Kaplan-Pasternak of Haiti Coffee led a group of volunteers to introduce coffee quality management techniques to local producers in Haiti last month. With the support of a Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA) program...

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Farmer Just Wants to Farm Turns to Lenders to Help Fund Additional...

by Tiffany Do

News: Farmer Just Wants to Farm Turns to Lenders to Help Fund Additional Employees

What are farmers to do if all they want to do is actually farm and not have to deal as much with the ins and outs of business? Devil's Gulch Ranch's Mark Pasternak has taken to the Internet, setting up a Kiva Zip loan campaign.

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Do Good While Doing Well Right Now

by John Wiley Spiers

News: Do Good While Doing Well Right Now

If you ever want to visit a ranch run right, that produces good food well, and even teaches others, the Devil's Gulch Ranch is the place to go and better yet send your kids to a summer camp.  I know, because I spent a day there.

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Foodie Chap With Mark Pasternak of ‘Devils Gulch Ranch’

by Liam Mayclem

News: Can coffee reduce poverty? Reflections from Haiti
News: Foodie Chap With Mark Pasternak of Devil's Gulch Ranch

Mark grew up in Southern California but always dreamed of escaping the city and becoming a farmer. In 1971, at the age of 19, he bought the 65-acre heart of the 873-acre ranch known then as Devils Gulch Ranch.

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Can Coffee Reduce Poverty? Reflections from Haiti

by Gwen Straley

News: Can coffee reduce poverty? Reflections from Haiti

Last month I had the opportunity to join aUSAID/VEGA funded Farmer-to-Farmer trip to Haiti through my role with 3rd Creek Consulting and 3rd Creek Foundation. The objective of the trip was to help build the capacity of the Haitian...

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IWCA Participates In Quality Management Workshop Training for...

by Mery Santos

News: IWCA Participates in Quality Management Workshop Training

A group of volunteers led by Myriam Kaplan-Pasternak of Haiti Coffee and supported by Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA) and USAID’s Farmer to Farmer program traveled to Haiti in June to introduce coffee...

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Are Rabbits the New Super Meat?

by Karen Pinchin

News: Are Rabbits the New Super Meat?

By all appearances, rabbit could be the food of the future. Touted for years by food activists including Michael Pollan, these fluffy herbivores eat alfalfa instead of energy-intensive soy or fish meal, grow quickly and thrive in clean, disease-free conditions.

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Devils Gulch Ranch, a Diversified and Sustainable Family Farm

News: A Diversified & Sustainable Family Farm

On our way to San Francisco, we’ve met some active people engaged in the SlowFood movement. Even if we did not have the opportunity to meet them, we have the pleasure to share our discussion with Mark and Myriam, farming in the San Francisco Bay...

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Marin County Wine Celebration 2013

by Ken Zinns

News: Marin County Wine Celebration 2013

Report on the 9th annual wine tasting presented by the Marin County Winegrowers Asso., on Saturday, May 11th, 2013, at the historic Escalle Winery in Larkspur, California. The event is a benefit for the Marin Agricultural Land Trust...

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Food Republic Coffee Power Rankings 2012

by Chantal Martineau

News: Food Republic Coffee Power Rankings

Your coworkers may be freaking out over the shortage of pumpkin spice for Starbucks’ seasonal flavored lattes, but not you. You know better. We have our own seasonal tradition here: The Food Republic Coffee Power Rankings, featuring...

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by Sure La Route Du Patrimoine

Marin one of the coolest appelations

by Virginie Boone

News: Marine one of the coolest appelations

Most of the vineyards in West Marin enjoy a steady coolness through the spring and summer, when the fog-enshrouded grapes are able to ripen slowly with just the right minimum amount of light and heat.

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Sustainable Ranching Renaissance Takes Hold

by Chantal Martineau

News: Sustainable Ranching Rennaissance

The herd began pressing toward the gate the moment Stemple Creek Ranch owner Loren Poncia hopped the barbed-wire fence. All 300 snorted, snarled, grunted and mooed, pushing their flesh closer and closer to the metal barrier.

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Narsai David Restaurant Review: La Folie

by Narsai David

News: Narsai David Reviews La Folie Restaurant

Trio of Devil’s Gulch Ranch Rabbit (Loin, Rack, and Braised Leg), with Spring Vegetables and Natural Jus. (La Folie). (KCBS) – KCBS Food and Wine Editor Narsai David reviews a French restaurant in San Francisco. La Folie is classically a 3-star restaurant with...

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Sustainable Meat Butcher Shop in Berkeley's Gourmet...

by Tim O'Rourke

News: Sustainable Meat Butcher Shop

It started in the kitchens and dining rooms of Oliveto, the College Avenue culinary fixture in Oakland where Aaron and Monica Rocchino were working in the early 2000s. He was a cook, fresh from the Culinary Institute of America in New York.

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