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Our pork is available year round with sufficient notice (2-4 weeks). Our sows are Yorkshires crossed on either a Duroc or Berkshire boar. The sows are pastured along with their piglets until the piglets are weaned. The weaned piglets are then finished with whole milk, whole grain breads, brewers grain, and tortillas, producing what we believe to be a superior product.

Pork Meats: Duroc or Berkshire boar



Rabbits raised free of hormones or antibiotics


Our rabbits are fed a pelleted feed along with grass and hay to ensure complete nutrition. We work with a local feed mill to produce the pelleted feed to our specifications. It is free from corn, hormones, or antibiotics; however, the feed cannot be certified organic at this time, due to certain components being unavailable as organically certified.


Our rabbits are selectively bred to be of excellent quality, large-framed and meaty. They are a combination of three breeds: Rex, New Zealand and Californian. Californian and New Zealand breeds are related and currently are the most popular commercial meat breeds due to their fast growth. The Rex breed, while being an excellent meat breed, is particularly known for its fine fur. Our Rex rabbits have a very mellow temperament. This is useful in their mothering and nurturing their young and in handling in general. While they grow somewhat less quickly than the New Zealand and Californian breeds, we use the Rex to add hybrid vigor and positive temperament characteristics. Additionally, some feel that the meat from Rex rabbits is firmer and better flavored than that of the other meat breeds, which could be due to the Rex's slower growth.


The produce all of our breeding Does ourselves. Bucks are occasionally purchased from high-quality breeders to increase genetic diversity, and we occasionally supply other producers with breeding stock. The rabbits are produced all year, but due to the high demand from restaurants, they are not always available for retail sale.


Superior quality pelts and rabbits feet are available as well.


Retail and wholesale purchases available by contacting or stop by the Sunday Civic Center Farmers Market in Marin County.

Pork: Duroc or Berkshire boar
Rex, New Zealand and Californian Rabbits



We have quail available year round. These are large, whole birds raised locally by a co-producer near our processing facility.


Retail and wholesale purchases available by contacting or stop by the Sunday Civic Center Farmers Market in Marin County.

Quail Meat



100% Grass-fed Lambs


Our 100% grass-fed lambs are only available January through July, and are in very short supply. During the dormant season, the sheep are free to graze in the vineyards, but must be removed to other pastures when the vines start to grow in spring.


Retail and wholesale purchases available by contacting or stop by the Sunday Civic Center Farmers Market in Marin County.

DGR's grass-fed lambs



Restaurants serving Devil's Gulch Ranch meats:


123 Bolinas, Fairfax

4505 Meats, San Francisco

A16 Rockridge, Oakland

A 16, San Francisco

Alma, Los Angeles

AQ, San Francisco

Aziza, San Francisco

Ristorante Avanti, Santa Cruz

Avedano’s Butcher Shop, San Francisco

Baker and Banker, San Francisco

Bar Agricole, San Francisco

Bardessono Resort, Yountville

Bar Jules, San Francisco

Bar Tartine, San Francisco

Baron’s Meats, Alameda

The Battery, San Francisco

Beast and the Hare, San Francisco

Benu, San Francisco

Bi Rite Market, San Francisco

Blackberry Farm, Tennessee

Bonny Doon, Santa Cruz

Boot and Shoe Service, Oakland

Bouchon, Yountville

Brannan’s, Calistoga

Boxing Room, San Francisco

Camino, Oakland

Cavallo Point, Sausalito

Central Kitchen, San Francisco

Central Market, Petaluma

Chez Panisse, Berkeley

The Commonwealth Club, San Francisco

Trattoria Corso, Berkeley

Craft, Los Angeles

De Young Café, San Francisco

Delfina, San Francisco

Dixie, San Francisco

Dopo Restaurant, Oakland

Dry Creek Kitchen, Healdsburg

Echo & Rig Butcher Shop & Steak House, Las Vegas

El Salchichero, Santa Cruz

Eveleigh, Los Angeles

Esperpento, San Francisco

Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco

Farmhouse Inn, Forestville

Farmshop, Larkspur Landing

The Fatted Calf, Berkeley, San Francisco and Napa


Fenix, San Rafael

Fifth Floor, San Francisco

Fifth Quarter, East Bay

Fish, Sausalito

Florio, San Francisco

Flour and Water, San Francisco

Foreign Cinema, San Francisco

Frances, San Francisco

French Laundry, Yountville

Gabriella Cafe, Santa Cruz

Gather, Berkeley

Hogs and Rocks, San Francisco

Hops and Hominy, San Francisco

Hopscotch, Oakland

Jardiniere, San Francisco

Joe's Restaurant, Venice

John Ash, Santa Rosa

Kuleto's, San Francisco

La Folie, San Francisco

La Toque, Napa

LB Steak, San Jose

Left Bank, Larkspur

Hopscotch, Oakland

Lindy and Grundy, Los Angeles

The Local Butcher Shop, Berkeley

Locanda, San Francisco

Lucques Restaurant, Los Angeles

Magnolia Pub and Brewery, San Francisco

Mavericks Restaurant, San Francisco

Manka's Inverness Lodge, Inverness

MarketBar, San Francisco

Marrow, Oakland

Mason Pacific, San Francisco

Meadowood, Napa Valley

Melisse, Santa Monica

Melon’s Catering, South San Francisco

Michael Mina Restaurant, San Francisco

Michael’s on Naples, Long Beach

Mill Valley Beerworks, Mill Valley

Naked Kitchen, San Francisco

Nick's Cove, Marshall

Nojo, San Francisco

Nopa, San Francisco

Nopalito, San Francisco

Odalisque, San Rafael

Olema Inn, Olema


Oliveto’s, Oakland

Olivier’s Butcher Shop, San Francisco

One Market, San Francisco

Osteria Stellina, Point Reyes Station

Outstanding in the Field

Perbacco, San Francisco

Perry's, Inverness Park

Piazza D’Angelo, Mill Valley

Picco Restaurant, Larkspur

Piccino, San Francisco

Pizzaiolo, Oakland

Pizzalina, San Anselmo

Poggio, Sausalito

Quince Restaurant, San Francisco

Range, San Francisco

Rich Table, San Francisco

Risibisi, Petaluma

Ritz Carlton Dining Room, San Francisco

RN74, San Francisco

Saison, San Francisco

Salt’s Cure, West Hollywood

Saltwater Oyster Depot, Inverness

Salumeria, San Francisco

Scopa, Healdsburg

Sent Sovi, Palo Alto

Signorello Estate, Napa

Slanted Door, San Francisco

Sona, Los Angeles

Sons and Daughters, San Francisco

Sotto, Los Angeles

Spago, Beverly Hills

Spruce, San Francisco

SPQR, San Francisco

St. Vincent Restaurant, San Francisco

Starbelly, San Francisco

State Bird Provisions, San Francisco

Tavola Italian Kitchen, Novato

Terrapin Creek, Bodega Bay

Tex Wasabi, Santa Rosa

Three Stone Hearth, Berkeley

Village Bistro, San Mateo

Vin Antico, San Rafael

Woodard's Garden, San Francisco

Zazu, Santa Rosa

Zuzu, Napa

Zuni Cafe, San Francisco



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